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Egyptian   Mummies

Pretend you are an anthropologist studying Egyptian Mummification. Your search will take you to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt where you and a colleague will explore the desert to find the answers to questions still unknown by many of the scientists in your field (your classmates). Enjoy your dig!

The Task

After your journey is completed, you must present a detailed summary of your findings to your colleagues in the field of anthropology (your class). Included in your summary must be the answers to the following questions:

What is a mummy? Who used the process known as mummification? When was the process used? Why was the process used? Describe the process of mummification. Name a famous mummy discovered in Egypt and list five facts related to the discovery? How does the discovery of ancient mummies help us today? What was your favorite part of the journey? Why?


1. Literature in the classroom library.

2. Websites.

Website Links

NOVA Online/Pyramids/Ancient Egypt
Smithsonian FAQs: Egyptian Mummies
Egyptian Mummification
The Tomb of the Chihuahua Pharaohs
Digital Mummies

The Process/Learning Advice

Step 1 --- Choose one book from the classroom library to read silently during class. After reading the text, record your "findings" in a learning log. Organize the information on a graphic organizer provided by the instructor. Share the facts you have discovered with your colleague.

Step 2 --- Search through the websites provided for important information to complete your research. Add this information to your graphic organizer. Share the facts you have discovered with your colleague.

Step 3 --- Jot down the "findings" from the graphic organizer on a sequence flow chart to arrange the order you will present the information in for your summary. Ask your colleague for feedback before starting your summary.

Step 4 --- Write your summary.

Step 5 --- Revise and edit your summary. Allow your colleague to check your summary for errors.


Job well done! You should feel prepared to present the information you have gathered on your journey through Egypt. You are now one step closer to mastering the History and Social Sciences SOL 2.1 in Virginia.